The unsurprising melody

the unchangeable future

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Kat。猫。「ねこ」。有岡 大貴 fan just because。山田 涼介 can be my secret crush。中山優馬 is my favorite。 伊野尾 慧 my forever crush。 山大 as BFF!。 BEST bias!。新垣結衣 fan ☆。H!p fan。JUMP brought me to Johnny’s world。H!p fanboys can be traumatizing σ_ σ。❛Gakki❜ my all time favorite idol。1, 2, 123! Buono! 。もも is my favorite h!p idol。I love みや's voice。あいり is cute。s/mileage。 かにょん my favorite member of s/mileage!。(ノ´▽`)ノ ♥


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